A quick Update

Summer is finally here, and things have been pretty crazy of late. The house is undergoing major renovations, and everything in the garden and veg patch is growing at an alarming rate — especially the weeds and the grass. To say we are struggling to stay on top of everything would be an understatement.

We didn’t really think about the amount of work and decisions that would be involved as we started on the project, it all sort of just happened. Over the last few months or so we’ve found ourselves having to make a lot of decisions in a very short space of time.

Sometimes, it’s not so much the decisions that are the issue, it’s actually sourcing, choosing and getting the right products on site at the right time. Not to mention juggling all the trades. Anyway, the good news is that the house is coming together, it feels like we’re over the half way mark. We’re aiming to be pretty much done by September.

The garden is looking great, sure there are a few untidy areas, and the grass needs mowing again, but it’s all things we can take care of. The vegetable garden is really starting to come into it’s own now, it’s producing a ridiculous amount of veg and it all tastes so good. The saying about reaping what you sow has never felt more salient that it does right now. It’s all very exciting.