Cutting the grass and hedges

We knew that moving into a property with 2 acres of land was going to require some up-keep, but it was hard to know exactly how much until we’d lived there for a while. One thing we were sure of is that the grass was going to need a lot of looking after…

Now we’ve done it a few times and know what we’re doing, cutting the grass takes around 3 hours for 2 people, so six man hours in total. Not bad given how much of it there is. To get the grass cut we use a combination of the following:

Snapper Lawn Tractor (Petrol): This handles the large areas really well, and is a god send as doing it all with a smaller push mower would take days.

It is however a noisy, smelly brute. We’ve been looking for an electric ride-on mower but have yet to find a decent brand available here in the UK. The dream is to have all the garden tools and equipment charged by solar panels. Something we’re working towards but it’s going to take time.

Hyundai HYM510SPE Lawnmower (Petrol): This little fella does the smaller, harder to reach areas, along with the more “formal lawn” as I think it gives a better finish. We’re thinking of switching to the STIHL Cordless Lawnmower (RMA 448 TC) as it looks like it shares the same battery system as the strimmer and hedge cutter.

STIHL Strimmer (Electric): We can’t praise this bit of kit enough, it’s much quieter than a petrol driven equivalent and the battery lasts for hours.

Tractor trailer, and the big red ride-on-mower

Tractor trailer, and the big red ride-on-mower

As the grass had been left for a while the amount of cuttings it produced was a bit of joke. It was way too much to add to the compost heap. So for now we’ve dumped in the bonfire area. We should probably be mowing far more regularly so the grass cuttings would be super short and just mulch down in place.


Cutting the Hedges

This was the first time the hedges have been cut since we moved in, around six months ago. Thankfully, it was all very straightforward, especially considering neither of us have done it before. The only tricky part was doing the archway through to the woods where one of us had to stand on the top step of the ladder and lean over the hedge to get it all trimmed — A ladder and an electric hedge trimmer… what could possibly go wrong?!

We use the electric STIHL HSA 86 hedge trimmer, and like the trimmer have been really impressed. We were expecting to have to swap batteries half-way through, but nope, it did all the hedges on one battery charge!

Fallen Damson Tree

We also had the tree surgeon round again to grind up three stumps and remove the fallen damson tree. Thankfully there’s another damson in the orchard. Maybe one of the reasons (as well as pollination) it’s always best to plant two of any fruit tree.

Apparently the wood from a Damson tree burns beautifully and smells nice and sweet. According to a random forum post about folk law, you should say thank you to the tree for its bounty or have bad luck. A lovely tradition we will be starting with the kids.

Chopped up damson tree logs.

Chopped up damson tree logs.

There’s plenty of other things going on in the garden. Everyday there’s something else to trim or plant. Thankfully this is exactly why we moved to Mill House — we wanted to spend more time outside, to have “more time in the nature” as my brother would say. On these glorious warm days it’s an absolute joy and nothing beats it.