Greenhouse progress, fencing, and a new trailer!

There always seems to be such a lot going on here. What with the house renovation, finishing off the Bakehouse and getting the garden and grounds ready for spring/summer, it’s hard finding the time to write. We had planned to cover all topics separately in detail, but the time has just flown by, so here’s a round up of some of the things that have been going on outside over the last few weeks…

Greenhouse Update

The greenhouse is looking lovely and its hard to believe it hasn’t always been there. 30 bags of gravel and a bulk bag of compost later and the job was complete. We have marked out two sizeable beds and have an area of them planted up with some quick crops (mixed leaves, rocket and radishes). The rest of the bed space will house our main greenhouse crops later in the season. The staging is brimming with seed trays and pots and the potatoes are chitting. Hopefully over the coming months the things we have planted will start to thrive and the full benefit of the greenhouse space will be realised.



We are having a bit of a change around in the back corner of the garden where the compost heap is currently sited. The local company we are using to update the Bakehouse garden has constructed a new post and rail fence separating the orchard from the compost area. We will open it up from the other side directly into the vegetable patch. Hopefully this will minimise wheelbarrowing time and be a more obvious route. Lots more to do here, but it’s progress!


Tractor Troubles

Having fixed the tractor wheel successfully, as we were re-attaching the trailer we noticed that too had a flat tire and buckled axle. The trailer was very old and had definitely seem better days so we invested in a new one. The new trailer is a Cobra GTT400HD and it looks great. The only minor problem is that it’s slightly wider than our old trailer so we may need to adjust one or two of the gates so it can fit.


It also turned up a little late as we had already moved the gravel for the greenhouse by wheelbarrow, this was a tiring process that made the wheel barrow creak in protest. Thankfully, it came in time to move the last of the compost.

All in all it’s been a productive few weeks, here’s to more sunshine and outside time.