New Greenhouse

This week has been all about the excitement of the new greenhouse!

It was designed, built, and installed by the lovely team over at Woodpecker Joinery. They’ve done an absolutely wonderful job and their customer service was second to none. We would highly recommend them especially for a somewhat tricky bespoke installation.


Prior to the new structure going up we had some site prep to finish. Last weekend, Dan’s brother came round to help with the plumbing work. The taps needed renewing and the placement adjusted as they used to be screwed into the wooden frame. We wanted to lower them slightly so they were fixed to the dwarf wall itself. We’re also going to place a tap outside the greenhouse to make watering the adjacent beds easier.

Just about ready for the top part of the greenhouse to go on…

Just about ready for the top part of the greenhouse to go on…

There’s also huge bed that runs right down the side of the greenhouse, and we’re thinking of laying a new brick path down the side to give easier access around the plot and to match the other paths. The photo below shows the rough sizing. It will be around six bricks wide, the same as the central path. We did a rough calculation and it’ll require around 650 reclaimed bricks! We’ve started digging over the bed and clearing the grass, we just need to find someone to lay the path… although, we may just do a bit of research and do it ourselves…


Anyway, enough of all that, here’s a few photos of the new greenhouse, albeit an empty greenhouse. Hopefully, by the time summer rolls around it’ll be bursting with life!