Recycled Wheelbarrows and Electric Chainsaws

As we continue to work on the land we’re starting to really appreciate how having the right, good quality tools for the job really does make all the difference. We’ve been saying since we moved in that we need a new wheelbarrow as the current one is so heavy and cumbersome to use. We finally got around to doing a bit research and ordering a new wheelbarrow that ticks all the boxes.


The new wheelbarrow is from Lasher and made from 100% recycled materials. The Lasher can carry 70L, is super lightweight and very agile. Much better than the two wheeled rust bucket we were using before.


We also took a trip to our local Ernest Doe and were very pleased to find it had an excellent range of tools and equipment. Especially when compared to the local DIY shop and the various other Garden Centres we’d visited before. I think this will be the first of many trips.

As spring is just around the corner we’re very aware of how fast everything is going to start growing. We thought it was time to get prepared, so after some advice from a very helpful member of staff we went for:

  • STIHL Chainsaw MSA 200c

  • STIHL Strimmer

  • STIHL HSA 86 Hedge Trimmer.

  • STIHL AL300 Battery Charger

  • STIHL AP300 Batteries x 2

Even though we picked a small domestic chainsaw for groundwork, it’s still a powerful beast when switched on. One of us is hopefully going to go on a one day safety course in the spring at the local agricultural college.


Our plan within the next few years is to build a large shed/summer house over in the vegetable garden that will be able to house all gardening tools, along with solar panels to charge them, and more importantly, power a kettle!

Progress is being made in the garden when the weather is good enough. While we’re not just fair weather gardeners it certainly makes it more enjoyable when it’s not freezing or absolutely tipping it down with rain. Despite last night’s snow the sun was shining today so we spent the afternoon clearing the beds at the front of the house.

This week we’ve also dug out a trench for one of the smaller back beds in the vegetable garden to replace one of the rotten and broken boards. Trying to get as much prepared in the garden ready for planting.