Annexe Update

Over the past few weeks a lot has been happening.

The annexe renovation is in full-swing and starting to take shape. Our incredible carpenter has been flat out creating a new stud wall for us to divide the room into two distinct areas. He has cleverly created shelving and room for a TV and sound system and his handiwork is just amazing. Walls have been batoned out, insulation put in, and woodwork prepped. Todays job was to start removing half of the old block flooring in the bedroom end to have enough spare to repair the lounge area. Luckily it seems to be coming up easily enough which is a relief for us all.

We have had a lot of decisions to make all in a short space of time and have been non stop ordering materials and supplies. We have picked pretty much all the lighting now and have been working with the electrician to finalise positions etc. My own personal favourites are the gold zebra wall lights for the bedroom!

The kitchen has proven the trickiest to plan as its such a small space, too small for a full depth worktop even. So.. we have altered the doorway size and had a bit of a rethink and we think we are finally there with a design that will work. We have picked beautiful colourful floor tiles for the kitchen area and are going with a bold metro style tile in the bathroom and shower with an old reclaimed feel to the fixtures and fittings.

Finally today we made it to the salvage yard to see if they had any bits that we could use. We managed to pick up two lovely sinks which will hopefully clean up well and can take pride of place in the new kitchen and bathroom.

We didn’t feel like we could haggle on the price as the puppy piddled on the floor as soon as we arrived and put us somehow on the back foot! Still they were well worth the money if they renovate well and its great to recycle and reuse.