Choosing colours for the Annexe

When thinking about colours for the annexe we had initially chosen to use a palette of warm greys. We used a lot of greys in our previous renovation and had always been pleased with the  natural calming space it created. Our vision was one of warm colours, natural linen and reclaimed wood, and while we still want some of these things our view on exactly what we want has evolved.

We visited a small local paint shop in nearby Lewes run by an incredibly passionate colourful character called Simon. We showed him some pictures of the annexe and ran our ideas past him. Bursting with excitement he encouraged us to have some fun with the colours and move away from a coordinated contrived look. ‘Why not go with blue windows’ he suggested…. ‘make it look like a house that a child has painted!’. Initial panic of leaving behind our comfort zone we chose a beautiful turquoise shade for the window work (paint name Smart Tony!), a warm beige for the walls and a deep gloss brown for internal woodwork. These eco paints are made from linseed oil and use natural dyes with no nasties, perfect.


Now the colour has a story behind it and that’s lovely, but not only that it’s great to support a local business. Fingers crossed we like the finished look!