Renovating the Annexe

Last week we started work on the annexe. We spent two days stripping it back, removing the built-in furniture, taking apart the kitchen and bathroom. It’s hard to believe that someone was renting this place until very recently given its condition. Oh and the rats in the roof…

We are making and getting through lots of to-do lists with new jobs being added every day. There are so many decisions to be made in such a short space of time! We are lucky enough to have a trusted family friend as our builder/carpenter and general all rounder! He is helping us to partition the main room into two distinct areas for living and sleeping and to renovate existing windows, parquet flooring and replace damaged timbers.

The good news is that the heating system is fully working and fairly modern and the rewiring looks to be a simple process. We are reconfiguring the bathroom and toilet area removing the bath and creating a wet room which will make most efficient use of the limited space.

The kitchen area really is tiny so we need to be a bit creative with our designs here whilst still creating a well functioning space that feels easy to cook and prepare food in.

Leaving the kids and the pup with family in the morning to go and make some paint colour choices - we are thinking natural pales for the most part with some interest added in several areas.

Expect plenty of updates as the work progresses.