About Us

We’re a family of five, Mum, Dad, Holly, Noah, Seb, oh, and Willow the Goldendoodle, so that makes six. We were lucky enough to make the move to the country and start a new adventure in October 2018 prompted by a change in the children’s schooling and a long daily commute. Despite having lived in a city for a long time we are country folk at heart and this very much feels like coming home.

As a family we were vegetarian for twenty five years and the kids were lifelong veggies, but since 2016 we have all switched to a fully vegan diet. This includes Willow who is thriving as a plant based pup!


Our plan for this two acre plot of land is to become as self sufficient as possible. For us this means growing and producing our own food whilst reducing our environmental impact. We will be fully organic and as sustainable as possible. We have some experience from previously owning an allotment but this is a whole new ball game and incredibly exciting.

We also are fortunate enough to have a small woodland area and are looking forward to learning as much as we can about managing it.

This website will be an on-going record of our journey. You can find out what we’re currently up to via our Blog and Photo Gallery.

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